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In January 1996, as a manufacturer of fine ukuleles for 80 years, Kamaka Hawaii was featured on Fox Cable 2 from New York City, transmitted live from Hawaii via satellite. Only koa lumber that meets the highest standards is purchased.Since 1916, Kamaka has continued its practice of allowing the koa wood to age for four years, rather than kiln dry. naturally aged wood dramatically improves sound quality and avoids warping.The translation of the motto is: "The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness." Originally the motto of the Kingdom of Hawaii, the saying is attributed to Kamehameha III, who presided over the Kingdom from 1825 until 1854.

"Keiki" means "child" in Hawaiian, a fitting name for the lowest-priced, beginner's model.

He later progressed to a Kamaka concert, and then a Kamaka 6-string.

He settled with a Kamaka tenor, which he plays today.

He served 25 years in the Army before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. The precious Pineapple symbolized home for him, and gave him hope amidst the chaos and uncertainty of war.

Fred Sr.'s favorite ukulele is a Pineapple made by his father that he kept with him while serving as a U. One of Sam Jr.'s favorite ukuleles is the sweet-sounding, melodic 6-string he made for himself.Lai used the name "Ka-Lai" on the ukes he made, a combination of "Kamaka" and "Lai." The name was later changed to "Ka-Lae" because it sounded more Hawaiian.


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