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A control was defined as a healthy person of similar age group and sex with the case and lived in the neighborhood of the case.Any control person who reported any form of diarrhoea or any other gastrointestinal symptoms within 14 days of enrolment was excluded from the study.Kibera slum; one of the largest slums in Africa is located in Nairobi West Sub-County.


On binary logistic regression, three variables were found to be independently and significantly associated with acute bloody diarrhoea at 5 % significance level; storage of drinking water separate from water for other use (OR = 0.41, 95 % CI 0.20–0.87, .The main presenting clinical features for bloody diarrhoea cases were; abdominal pain (69 %), mucous in stool (61 %), abdominal discomfort (54 %) and anorexia (50 %).


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