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In the aftermath, the Beasties left Def Jam, Rick Rubin and New York altogether: they signed with Capitol, fled to Los Angeles and worked with The Dust Brothers on their next album, which would be a change of pace towards more funky, sample-heavy material.

The result was (1989), routinely considered their masterpiece of Sampling as art - nearly 105 songs were sampled, from sources as varied as The Beatles, hip-hop, funk and soul tracks, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Elvis Costello, Isaac Hayes, The Ramones, the Jaws theme, the "Shower Theme" from Psycho and others, with the result being 15 catchy, diverse tracks ranging from funky hip-hop to rap-rock ("Johnny Ryall", "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun").

Schellenbach left, Rick Rubin took over as producer and the classic line-up of Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock became permanent.


Berry left in 1983, being replaced by Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz, and the group recorded its first rap song, "Cooky Puss".

The Beastie Boys were a famous rap trio that was around from 1979 to 2014, enjoying critical and commercial success throughout their career, helping invent and popularize Rap Rock (alongside Run D. C.), playing an important role in the popularization of hip-hop as a whole (partly by being white), being one of the few rap groups whose members play instruments, being one of the main influences on Alternative Rock before they even actively tried to court the genre's fans with their later work, and being the first white rap group to gain massive success.

Not too bad for three Jewish kids from New York City.

The Boys won the MTV Video Vanguard Award in 1998 and "Intergalactic" won the VMA for Best Hip Hop Video in 1999.

They used both appearances to make lengthy, political speeches about how Muslims aren't terrorists (for the former) and the debacle that was Woodstock 1999 (the latter).

While not matching 's monumental commercial impact, it did sell well enough and drew critical acclaim where the band was previously dismissed as One Hit Wonders.


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