Who is katie price dating


I have an aura around me..." She had her house "cleared" but the hauntings have persisted, and have left her kids terrified.Katie explained: "We had it cleared because it was haunted and we had to get rid of the ghosts. He told us: "Katie is very much into ghost-hunting and the paranormal and we have been messaging for a couple of months on Twitter. "She's had in the past things that were moving - the family has seen shadows... "We were using it to see if it was picking up anything - she's had bits and bobs [of paranormal activity] over the years." He went on to reveal he is planning more ghost hunts for Katie at locations in his native Nottingham and close to her home.


"[We might go to] Nottingham Castle, Sherwood Forest, bring her up this end.

His latest social media posts appeared to suggest all is well between the couple, before Katie hit back.



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