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It is based on the Common Framework of Reference (CFR) scale in listening and in speaking: When you become a Canadian citizen and are 18 years of age or older, you have the right to vote in federal elections and referendums.Elections Canada maintains the Register and uses it during a federal election or referendum to produce voter’s lists and to communicate with eligible voters.Translators who are certified in Canada don’t need to supply an affidavit.Congratulations on completing your application form for an adult grant of Canadian citizenship!Canada is a country that embodies multiculturalism and diversity and encourages newcomers to achieve their full potential by supporting their integration and active participation in social, cultural, economic and political affairs.We thank you for the commitment you are showing to Canada by applying to become a Canadian citizen!Important information: You cannot request a change of an adopted person’s name after Part 2 of the application has been submitted.If satisfactory documentation is not provided with the application to support the request for a change of name, the name that appears on the citizenship certificate will be the name listed on the adoption order.


If you check No, IRCC will not provide your information to Elections Canada.

You can also call Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868.

The Chief Electoral Officer of Québec receives the UCI for administrative purposes only, while the date your citizenship was granted allows them to validate that you qualify as an elector based on the electoral laws it administers.

In case of a discrepancy between the language in this document and the relevant legislation or regulations, the legal text in the legislation and regulations prevails.

For legal information, see the: Use the calculator to check that you meet the physical presence requirement for Canadian citizenship and print the results. If you can’t use the calculator, fill out the form manually: How to Calculate Physical Presence form (CIT 0407) Important information: Once processing of your application has begun a name change can only be made due to an administrative error made by the Department, or a legal change of name.If you made a refugee claim, or were included on a family member’s refugee claim, you will not be credited time in Canada from the date of the refugee claim until you have received a positive decision confirming that you are a protected person as described above.



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