When to kiss when first dating lindsay lohan internet dating video

Of course there are a million other indicators that can measure his confidence, too, but how he approaches those first kisses is something to take note of.

“In terms of confidence, he just goes for it,” Chlipala says.

Are they right outside a gas station or on a hill with a nice outlook of the city?

Essentially, does he know the difference between a dumpy backdrop from a romantic one?

While I would never encourage anyone to judge a human being solely based on his ability to lock lips, I have learned over the years that there are some insights a kiss can reveal about a man and your feelings for him.

Yes, the intimacy of a kiss can confuse things, but if you let it, a first kiss can also offer a little insight into the relationship.

Most people head off to college with a new laptop and plenty of dorm essentials in tow.

I had all those things, yes, but I also headed into my freshman year with an odd little stuffed green frog who was holding a heart.

Be sure to ask yourself how the kiss made you feel—did you feel totally off guard or even unsafe, or did you feel complete bliss? Chlipala, MA, MEd, LMFT, from Relationship Reality 312, Inc., says, “Someone who wants to keep kissing you is obviously enjoying the kissing and feels some chemistry, [but] if you get a tongue in your ear and a hand creeping up your shirt, it may be he’s trying to rush or is just interested in scoring.

In a world where we’re constantly given mixed messages, and men are increasingly confused on how to act toward women (and vice versa), it’s nice to know that there’s one little litmus test reserved for more-than-just-friends. But of course, for most of us kissing veterans, this clarification can be short-lived.

Just because he’s attracted to you doesn’t mean that he’s clarified what kind of relationship he’s interested in.

There’s a reason kissing has become a customary part of courtship over the centuries.


Research suggests that a kiss serves as a key indicator during that initial attraction stage, and people certainly do make judgments based on them.

How does he respond to physical cues while you’re kissing?



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