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My first impression when we walked into the theatre, was that we were going to be served an extremely serious presentation on the possible outcomes of reckless driving.This I deduced from the TAC; transport accident commission logo that was on Rhiannon's Power Point presentation, and I most commonly see the organisation associated with road accidents.There were at least 200-220 students present from different schools, from around 150 schools from Victoria making this a very special event to which a limited number of schools can attend each year.We were first introduced to Nicole Livingstone, a retired Australian Olympian and gold medallist.I was taken aback by Rhiannon's positive personality.She was so open and joking about how sometimes dragging yourself out of bed on a Thursday morning feels impossible, but at least Friday is only around the corner.

My favourite moment during this event was meeting the Olympians and taking a photo with them as it was my first time meeting an Olympian.

For today I wish to state that our school community deserve to have the best possible facilities for the students of this school.

Facilities that will support our curriculum programs and provide students with the best educational outcomes and prepare them for life, long after their secondary schooling is completed. Gunn did an amazing job making sure that the event went smoothly.

A Builder is soon to be appointed and we look forward to an exciting upgrade of our school facilities.

Olympic Academy Experience: Joshua Kimber, Year 11 On Friday, 23rd of June, Tyler Mason and I were fortunate enough to attend the 2017 Olympic Academy at the MCG.

Next, we then had a question and answer session with Olympians and heard some personal stories of Olympians like Ellia Green (Rugby 7’s), Jeff Risely (Middle-Distance) and Catherine Skinner (Shooting) and how they fought hard to reach their goals.



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