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See more » A conglomerate of four individually directed stories rolled into one , Bombay Talkies exhibits a sharp deviation from the typical mainstream and commercial Bollywood of today.

Getting into the very first one , a 25 minute unusually bold attempt on homosexuality and the subsequent tantrums that follow, is undoubtedly and ironically enough , Karan Johar's best individual direction till date. The second one was an absolute stunner of a direction from Dibakar Banerjee with its very poignancy being augmented by an impeccably brilliant acting from one man Nawazuddin Siddiqui at his versatile best. The reel rolls onto the next half and here we have the third and what we have is a brave, mature, rich-in-content subject with a diluted direction from Zoya Akhtar.

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Will they be destroyed, or will they find redemption?


Some unnecessary bits did actually mar the value of the subject.

They told it was quite chilly outside, so they would like to have a shot of something alcoholic.


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