Activities about dating violence

In a healthy relationship there should be trust, support, respect, equality, and it should be fun.

Take this quiz and find out if your relationship is healthy.

Evaluate the relationship ingredients of the music you are listening to. Our 2016 National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month campaign does not require running shoes.

We are challenging students to Tal K about relationships; Know their expectations; Evaluate their relationship s Kills; Brea K up when it’s not working and Get Li Kes by sharing what they love or respect about someone at #iexpectrespectatx on social media.

Healthy relationships are based on respect, equality, trust, support, and love.


But it can also be filled with negative and harmful ingredients.Chat, call 866.331.9474 or text: loveis to 22522 Futures Without Violence is developing innovative approaches to prevent teen dating violence across the nation.The website includes fact sheets, guidelines for creating a teen safety plan and resources for teens, parents, teachers and coaches.The activities address bullying and cyberbullying, sexual harassment and healthy dating for adolescents.

Middle School Advisory Lessons (2014), High School Advisory Lessons (2008), High School Advisory Lessons (2015) Each relationship is unique, but all healthy relationships have a few things in common.Are you a coach who would like to encourage student athletes to be role models on and off the field?


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