First message online dating pua

There would be one section requiring that both male and female users describes what he/she offers a potential paramour.The minimum number of characters required for this section would be greater for women than men.Women still haven’t figured out they have to describe specifically what they have to in the context of attraction and dating. Attractive women (and a few men) must pay more to get more messages.Regular women pay the regular rates because they are not bombarded with messages.Ordinary men get fed up because their response rate is so low.This is a lose-lose proposition for everyone including the online dating company.A solution to this is to limit the number of incoming messages a woman can receive in a certain interval of time.Even if she deletes the message(s), no more messages can be received until the next interval of incoming messages commences.


This makes the online dating experience too frustrating for both sexes.

They also don’t even open messages before deleting them.


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