What does dating mean to a guy


Well for all those newly dating again or the very dazed and confused, I would like to share with you a list of 20 of the most frequently used “dating lines” and their simple translation. I NEED SOME ALONE TIME Translation: This relationship is getting way to intense, and I’m freaking out 8.

Feel free to write in any I may have missed or if you disagree/agree with any of this I wrote about! I’VE TOLD MY FAMILY/FRIENDS SO MUCH ABOUT YOU Translation: I’m really into you, can’t stop talking about you 9.


Hopefully this information can help decide if this service would be worth your time or not.

If something is important to you then by all means, enter those preferences.

For everything else, I would recommend being as inclusive as possible.

So next time you’re reading someone’s online profile or watching TV and asking yourself “what does spooning mean”, try not to get the wrong idea.

In this three-part series, I’m going to discuss in detail Match.com, e Harmony, and finally I will compare these services to determine which is the “better” of the two.Have you ever read or heard people talking about how they like spooning, but have wondered exactly what does spooning mean?



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