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audio I/O, Dante, and logic expansion devices, wall sensors, ambient sensing mics, and an advanced Paging Station (P3 Pager coming soon! Control HAL functions from a web browser in any smartphone, computer or tablet – including i Pads, i Phones, Androids, etc.In addition, the HAL Multiprocessor and Halogen™ software check the status, location, CAT5 wiring integrity, and that audio is flowing in all peripheral devices, so you know your system is properly connected and ready to go.No redundant wiring is required to route paging and background music to multiple, even hundreds of zones.Paging Manager and Distributed Program Bus greatly simplify wiring by use of invisible bus connections automatically included in Zone Processors, Paging Zones and Emergency Paging Zones.Seamlessly interface HAL to your application with web controls --- No app required, any device with a browser can operate Halogen web controls.

So, the best practice here is to focus on a well-defined and executed security strategy with the right enabling technology. The guidance I typically provide includes three steps: I suspect that we'll think differently around security and the cloud as we deploy more public cloud-based systems and data stores and the world does not come to an end. He is the author and co-author of 13 books on computing, including the best-selling Enterprise Application Integration.

However, without the right amount of planning and good technology, cloud-based platforms can become risky. Linthicum keynotes at many leading technology conferences on cloud computing, SOA, enterprise application integration and enterprise architecture.

His latest book is Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise: A Step-by-Step Guide.

While there is a certain amount of emotion, and sometimes politics, at play, you must educate those in enterprise IT around the real issues and the real risks.


Indeed, I've been finding that clouds are more secure than traditional systems, generally speaking.His industry experience includes tenures as chief technology officer and CEO of several successful software companies and upper-level management positions in Fortune 100 companies.


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