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Phone and face-to-face contacts will also give you an idea of the style of the company, the quality of their literature and the initial impressions they make on customers. You'll get a better idea of them - and you might need each other one day, for example in collaborating to grow a new market for a new product.It's also likely you'll meet competitors at social and business events. Listen to your customers and suppliers Make the most of contacts with your customers.Exclusive dealing arrangements are essentially requirements contracts in which a seller agrees to sell all or a substantial portion of its products or services to a particular buyer, or when a buyer similarly agrees to purchase all or a portion of its requirements of a product or service from a particular seller. Exclusive dealing is not per se or presumptively illegal under either the Sherman Act, 15 U. Draw up a list of everything that you've found out about your competitors, however small.Put the information into three categories: What you can learn from and do better If you're sure your competitors are doing something better than you, you need to respond and make some changes.


It should also indicate whether there is a saturation of suppliers in certain areas of your market, which might lead you to focus on less competitive areas.It could be anything from improving customer service, assessing your prices and updating your products, to changing the way you market yourself, redesigning your literature and website and changing your suppliers. Now you've got the idea, can you do it even better, add more value?


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