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If you’re annoyed at your parents, you just ignore them or tell them to fuck off.

A little more tact is required with closer friends and partners.

This truly is a minefield and a slip up can be costly. The absolute basic that one must use no matter what. The single kiss doesn’t mean you want to actually kiss them. This is saved for people of importance, your girlfriend or boyfriend usually.If you are not able to use your email address and do not remember your password, you will not be able to use them to transfer your account after changing devices or reinstalling the app.If your LINE account is linked with Facebook, you will be able to carry it over using your Facebook account.• Are you trying to send the password reset email repeatedly within a short period of time?

Please wait approximately 24 hours between attempts.• Was the email sent to your spam, junk, or other folders? Please try disabling them.• Do you have settings in place to only receive emails from certain domains?Three kisses is still acceptable, but just put three lower case kisses, not a mixture of both, unless you’re a fifteen year old setting a new MSN name in 2007.


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