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The owners were also encouraged to send in video footage of their dog walking.Out of the 550 pugs evaluated, 30.7 per cent of the responses from the study reported gait abnormalities.



Sybil, Valentino, Treacle, Sue-Ellen, Gramps, Arthur, Percy, Little Man, Oreo, Barry, Ronnie, Max, Twinkle, Fatima, Freda, Penny, Rosie, Precious, Pinky, Parsnip, Plum, Coco-Peach, Doris, Fenella, Thumbelina, Bunty, Betty, Nancy, Primrose and Sparkle Becca, who has spent £130,000 on the pugs in 10 years, says: 'After some cleaning and grooming in the afternoon, it's usually time for some doggy treats before they all snuggle up together in bed on their cosy mats in front of the fire.It also has the highest concentration of primitive taxa in the world.This place contains fossilised remains of sand formations.“The London Road Brew House really stood out to me because of its dog-friendly reputation and on site brewery.

“When I visited the location for the first time, I was amazed with the urban, eclectic feel of the pub and the friendly staff and it seemed like a perfect venue to host the second Pop Up Pug Pub.” Along with the normal selection of drinks at the London Road bar, Snuffle Dog Beer, a non-alcoholic drink that comes in beef and chicken flavour, will be served for any thirsty pups.One in three pugs may suffer from walking problems, a study has found.


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