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Shawn Cooper, who was jailed with Zachary Adams in Chester County after his arrest in March 2014, testified that Adams threatened his own brother for speaking about the Bobo case.Cooper was awaiting transfer to the Obion County Jail on a separate case when he says Zachary Adams told him he was involved in the 'Holly Bobo murder case.'Cooper said Adams told him his brother was being held in Obion County Jail.Autry, who also is charged with kidnapping, rape and murder, testified in Zachary Adams' trial, telling jurors that Adams used graphic details when he told Autry that he, his brother John and friend Shayne Austin raped Bobo.Autry said he served as a lookout while Zachary Adams shot Bobo under a bridge spanning the Tennessee River.Creed Mc Ginley said that the jury for his trial is likely to come from Chattanooga, where there has been relatively little coverage of the case.Mc Ginley set a tentative trial date for May 29, although Adams' next hearing is December 14.

On Tuesday, at a status hearing for John Adams, Judge C.who was sacked after it emerged he had previously posted a series of racist and transphobic tweets had fronted a campaign for online safe spaces just days before losing his job.Josh Rivers called for people to behave respectfully to each other online in adverts for a dating app for gay men.One of the suspects in the Holly Bobo murder case appeared in court on Tuesday as prosecutors revealed he won't face the death penalty.

John Dylan Adams is accused of kidnapping, raping and killing the nursing student in Tennessee in 2011.Zachary Adams' jury selection and trial was moved from Decatur County to neighboring Hardin County because of the intense publicity the case received in Bobo's home county.


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