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However, you do have the ability to update a document's properties and view different versions of a document if you have the appropriate permissions.

If you require assistance with the File Net system or process, please refer to the Training section of this website.

If the copy you are using was photocopied from a coversheet that was previously photocopied, the scanner will not recognize the coversheet and will be unable to route the documents to your File Net inbox. Place your barcode coversheet on top of EACH document and then stack the documents one on top of the other.

Scan the entire pile using the information provided in your training guides.

Other file formats (i.e., .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .htm) require that the user have an associated program loaded on their computer in order to view it.

If you have questions abut this you can contact your Desktop Service Provider (DSP).

To add additional document types or an index property, you will need to complete a Change Request Form indicating the enhancements that your department needs.



This functionality requires additional customization to the system.

Others do not have access to your Net Id so the task will only appear in your inbox.


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