Dating frum world

If you do not wish to join the list and still want to attend an event you will need to e-mail us for the location of the meeting.We require women who are not on our e-mail list to speak with one of the group leaders before attending an event. We are a community of frum queer women who gather to celebrate and study our yiddishkeit.More women are in the workforce, more women are working demanding jobs and more women are entering and succeeding in male dominated fields. Hell, to have a job that pays decently and offers health care benefits is about as common as a unicorn.However, the problem with today is that the economy that college and post-graduates entered 15 years ago doesn't exist anymore. The opening scene of the pilot is profound: Lena Dunham's character's parents cut her off and tell her she must be self-sufficient.As a young woman myself, I find that Lena Dunham's show is honest and real.

A frum person is someone who sustains and works towards a traditional Jewish spiritual life.Second-wave feminists lionized the independent woman who paid her own rent and busted through glass ceilings and ran for Congress. The idea was that women didn't need men, whether those men were their fathers or husbands or boyfriends or presidents.By contrast, Dunham's new vision of women as lady parts with ballots is infantilizing and regressive.or is on the path to becoming more halachically observant…

we welcome you to join our e-mail discussion group.To say that , single life isn't just about feminists who want independence and Manolos and a good screw.


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