Fatima bhutto dating george

While Mark, who owns a string of nine restaurants and is a pal of the Duchess of Cornwall’s foodie son, Tom Parker Bowles, puts a brave face on the situation and insists they are still a couple, I gather this is not the case.‘They have split up. All I know is that they have had their differences,’ confirms a close family friend.

Mark admitted at the book launch party that he was reluctant to get married again because of his bruising experience over the ending of his marriage to his wife Suzanne.

The Penguin folks have been working on this for months and it showed.


Bhutto appealing, for both the “exotic” aspect as well as her political dynasty.But conversion talk really began with his rumored relationship with Fatima Bhutto, the 27-year old niece of Pakistan’s assassinated Prime Minister Mrs. The National Inquirer ran the story, describing Ms.



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