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Hill had started recording at Paisley Park in 2014 and Prince introduced her to the audience at a private concert at the compound in March 2015. She's going to be a superstar, and you won't be able to talk to her," the Minneapolis reported him as saying.Asked if they were romantic, Hill said last year, "There was a very intense relationship. At least the rest of the surprises that the property will continue to provide seem to be more of the intriguing, look-how-this-eccentric-legend-lived variety.Much as the purple-tinged Paisley Park served as the nerve center of Prince's world when he was alive, so it became a gathering place for bereft Prince fans in the days following his death.And it will continue on as a shrine: Like Elvis Presley's Graceland, Paisley Park is now a museum open to the public, a showcase for guitars, clothing, notebooks of handwritten lyrics and more tangible proof that the "Purple Rain" singer once walked among us.The brass-tacks aftermath evokes shades of what transpired following Michael Jackson's death in 2009, from Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial and the family's wrongful death suit against AEG and the fight for control of his massive estate.Meanwhile, a judge ruled that Boxill remains bound to a confidentiality agreement with Paisley Park Enterprises and he was ordered to turn over any recordings in his possession to the estate.(Alas, all the real candles he favored have been replaced with fake candles, to recreate the mood but prevent the fire hazard.)A ticket covers parking and a 70-minute tour.

The estate also sued co-producer George Ian Boxill, claiming he has no authority to release the music.Sister Act tells the hilarious story of Deloris Van Cartier, a wannabe diva whose life takes a surprising turn when she witnesses a crime and the cops hide her away in the last place anyone would expect – a convent!Set around the Christmas holidays, Deloris helps her fellow sisters find their voices as she also rediscovers her own in a sparkling tribute to the universal power of friendship.Basically, Boxill may have been privileged enough to work with Prince in the artist's lifetime, but anything recorded at Paisley Park belongs to Paisley Park until the estate says otherwise.


But though fans (in controlled numbers) were known to be welcomed inside the storied studio-turned-estate for dance parties and private concerts, and Prince often had staff, friends and other artists around, the enigmatic star was also leading a most solitary existence.

The investigation, a collaboration between the sheriff's office and the Drug Enforcement Administration, remains open.


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