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With her retail history co-host Bobbi Jean Bell fully understands the concept of connecting product to the bigger story she calls the tapestry of the West, with all its varied threads.For the Festival she runs The Buckaroo Bookshop, bringing in 20 to 25 authors for signings and panels. And the Bells are helping to create stars of today with their Out West Concert Series...monthly to by-monthly concerts in their store with many of our top Western singers & songwriters.The happy, chatty quartette of Pitchford, Bell, Pomilia and Dowler play music and visit with musicians, authors, actors and other filmfolk and horsefolk either in the studio or by phone.Subject-wise the skys the limit, but with one unifying common thread among the guests, as Pitchford explains.


To find out about the program, of course we went to the source-source-source-source!!I bring in the promotional aspect, music and dig up leads to guests, adds Bell. Following are the huge group of pertinent addresses: Mail product to Out West, 24265 Main Street, Newhall, CA 91321. To hear live streaming of Around The Barn shows (Saturdays 9AM to 10 AM Pacific time) go to gets you to On The Air for whats coming up and Happened gets you to past show podcasts.


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    He's not only often called the most hated player in the NHL, he loves hearing it."I like to push it to the edge, no doubt about it," Avery said this summer, after signing a .5 million, four-year deal with the Stars. The next day, the league put in the so-called "Avery Rule" to prohibit such shenanigans.

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    She may enjoy a life that very much resembles the one she had back home, with parties, concerts or plays, and social events with friends or the expat community.

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    He stopped maintaining his Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune) home and business and let his health go.

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    Kings XI Punjab may drop David Miller if Shaun Marsh and Martin Guptill are declared fit. Read More MUMBAI: Bollyood star Preity Zinta’s cousin Nitin Chauhan has shot himself to death on Friday morning, local media reported.

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    Here is an example of one that we just finished servicing this week.

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    It both ushers in the warmest season, and reminds that the season is short, slipping away day by day.

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