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In March 1984, Marilyn flew to Australia for a 10-day promotional tour and was besieged by fans who were waiting to greet him at Melbourne Airport.Film footage of his arrival was broadcast on that evening's television news.The same year, Robinson appeared on the Channel 4 television show The Salon, a reality show based at a hairdressing salon where members of the public and several celebrities went for haircuts and beauty treatments.He also appeared in the TV documentary 25 Years of Smash Hits that traced the influence of UK pop music.While Boy George went on to form Culture Club in 1981 and secured a recording deal with Virgin Records, Marilyn was still scouting for a recording contract and had relocated to Los Angeles for some time.There, he worked as a personal assistant to daytime soap star Terry Lester, After Marilyn's friend Boy George had made a commercial impact with Culture Club, record companies were looking for other artists with a similar cross-dressing image.During this time, Robinson met Boy George (prior to his forming Culture Club), and the pair would later share a squat together.


Robinson was a regular at 'The Blitz' nightclub (regulars being labelled as Blitz Kids), a highly stylised club in London run by Steve Strange of the pop group Visage, and a place which spawned many early 1980s pop stars such as Spandau Ballet.In early 1985, now facing financial difficulties and being forced to give up his London home, Phonogram Records dispatched him to Detroit, Michigan, to work with producer Don Was.While in America he cut his trademark long blonde hair short and ceased wearing make-up, abandoning the image that had brought him his initial success.On 2 September 2001, Marilyn performed a live appearance at the Sound on Sunday club night in Leicester Square, London.

It was his first live performance in over 14 years.

While the name originated from homophobic bullies at school, Robinson decided to appropriate it to his advantage.


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