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They wrote back and forth for a year, and Charles went to see her in person (1992).When she came out to visitation, she was dressed to the hilt in a bright red suit with red pumps, while every other inmate was dressed in khaki.There were no mandatory minimums for sentencing, snitches weren’t an issue, and one could call up the local dealer on the phone and place an order, even if you weren’t known to him. In February of 1985, Charles saw a television news clip of the arrest of the notorious Griselda Blanco.He was amazed at who she was, her tremendous power, and what she had built—it was everything he was trying to build for himself.He met with distributors and acted as a mouth piece for her. Charles became close to 2 of her 4 sons: Michael Corleone and Oswaldo.Charles was 10 years older than Michael and 3 years younger than Oswaldo, but they were like brothers. Charles met a woman named Amber in the visiting room of the prison. When Griselda found out (she was still incarcerated), Charles was attacked with 12 warning shots which were intended to end his life.It came to light later on in the trial that this same secretary was having phone sex with the star witness against Griselda, thus disabling the Prosecution’s case. In June of 2004, Griselda was released from prison and deported immediately back to Bogata Columbia.After the statute of limitations passed, the directors of Cocaine Cowboys approached Charles to tell his story. Cocaine Cowboys 2 has been released into 52 countries and is available in Wal Mart, Target, etc, unlike Cocaine Cowboys which was a bit harder to find.



Charles wrote Griselda a heartfelt letter, and although he didn’t expect a response from her, he got one.”And even though Charles assured me that he did love her, it wasn’t until he put her son, Michael Corleone, on the phone with me that I realized just how much he did love her.



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