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The reasons for their doing so – chiefly sovereignty and a desire to regain control of our borders – are simply beyond his comprehension.

Two months ago, Adonis travelled to Brussels with arch-Remainers Nick Clegg and Kenneth Clarke to hold a secret meeting with EU negotiator Michel Barnier. In one characteristically over-heated tweet in October, the apparently cerebral – but in fact over-emotional – Lord Adonis wrote: 'About to speak in Lords on Brexit 'no deal' magical thinking, which would mean planes grounded, nuclear power unsafe, trucks queuing to London.' For while he has been working on behalf of the Government as chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, Lord Adonis (pictured) – a former Blairite Cabinet minister – has been inveighing against Brexit in an increasingly hysterical way All his wild lack of proportion is evident in his self-serving letter of resignation to Theresa May, in which he asserts that 'Brexit is a dangerous populist and nationalist spasm worthy of Donald Trump'.

News (26-1-2012)- "Sexual predator behind bars"- A LOXTON man who sexually abused four teenage boys over a 10-month period has been jailed for 12 years.


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