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However, their client meetings would frequently get cancelled, so they would log on to and attempt to find dates for the night.

Unfortunately, the site’s functionality didn’t support that.

Because the morning research call was televised to all the bank branches throughout the organization, my position was the most visible one in the entire firm.

The problem with that visibility was that it was a lot like being a doctor on-call.

They said something like, “You need to be here tomorrow or we’re giving your job to someone else.”The problem was that they had just created a brand new department with only one person in it so far, and they thought I was a perfect fit to complement him. Suddenly, that Ivy League confidence and naive optimism was replaced with professional bitterness and forlorn disenchantment.

I remember battling the club goers there at every morning for a taxi; except they were fighting — rather vociferously, from moderate inebriation and God only knows what else — for a cab to go home in, and I was fighting — rather dejectedly from moderate depression (not clinically, but you get the point) — for a cab to go to work in.

Another sad scene I remember was going on dates and looking at my watch around to at night and saying, “All right, (yawn) it’s been fun, but I have to get to bed now, because I need to be up in a few hours.” Of course, contributing to this emotional turmoil was the fact that I was still a junior employee, and perhaps a little more bitter than I initially realized about not getting my trip to Europe.

They must have known it was going to take a while to get me situated.

Although I was understandably a little perturbed at the inflexibility of my start date, I soldiered on and made the best of my early time in that group.Fortunately, they got me a chair rather quickly, but the computer and the desk took about two weeks. Could I not have been carefully searching the streets of Rome for the best trattoria in the world, or experiencing the majestic beauty of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, during those weeks?


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