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THE HISTORY: While the mini skirt was all the rage in the ‘60s, the “skort” was a more popular way to expose the area above the knee by the youth of the early ‘70s.The mini skirt transitioned into the scooter skirt when hot pants (extremely short and skin tight shorts) emerged in the ‘70s. Only someone who lived the era would truly know, but my best guess is that when the razor scooter gained popularity girls began wearing their “pantskirts” on the scooters so that they wouldn’t expose their undergarments below.Hence, the nickname scooter skirt would emerge and gain hold of the American consciousness.’70s plaid wasn’t the only print for these schoolgirl scooters.Because life was moving faster than ever, women were sewing their clothing less and less.Rather, they purchased their ‘70s dresses ready-made at department stores and from catalogs.


BUY THEM NOW: ’70s High-Waisted Flared Denim Jeans on Etsy, / ’70s High-Waisted Dark Denim Jeans on Etsy, Click here to be taken back to the Table of Contents.Beginning with the baby boomer generation, “jeans” transitioned into everyday casual wear by teen boys and girls.While we most commonly associate the specific wide-legged jeans with the hippie generation of the 1970s, this denim style was more common than you think.Clothing of the ‘70s recently experienced a revival in modern fashion because quite a few trends of the 1970s resemble styles worn by the contemporary woman of today.


Maxi dresses, floppy hats and the signature Missoni chevron stripe are all very 2012 … That’s not to say every single ‘70s trend is on point with 21st century mainstream fashion.

Solid hues and psychedelic stripes were also prevalent and worn from the knee up!


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