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Phil on Tuesday unveiled a new start-up company that will allow patients to video chat with doctors instead of visiting them in the flesh. Phil, whose actual name is Phillip Mc Graw, is an adviser to the company, Doctor On Demand.

A few hours later, when Loki led an army of the Chitauri against New York City, the Avengers fought a bloody battle against the alien invaders, showing that they will avenge Coulson. Helping Mackenzie to his feet, the two watched as the city began to crumble."Sunil Bakshi ... I'll trade him to you to add to your collection." Coulson, not being able to sleep, observed Skye as she slept in quarantine. Back at the Playground, Coulson listened as Mackenzie apologized and asked to work on Lola. Once the team arrived to Faro, they found the amnesiac Lady Sif who did not recognize them and could not tell them why was she on Earth.

In his office, Coulson and May had a video conversation with General Glenn Talbot who informed them about Agent 33 and Grant Ward breaking into his base to liberate Sunil Bakshi. Coulson then ordered three agents to point their guns at Mackenzie. D." Just after Jemma Simmons called Coulson and informed him about taking down Morse, an unidentified gas began pumping through the Playground's vents, knocking out Coulson and all of his agents. But before he could reunite with Skye, without warning, the teleporter appeared to take her, accidentally taking Calvin Zabo along with them. Gonzales asked why he should trust him and Coulson said it was because they both had secrets, saying he knew that Gonzales had a secret hidden in his cargo hold, which he had learned from the Toolbox.

Though May agreed with Andrew Garner's suggestion that Skye should be removed from active S. Back in the Playground, Leo Fitz asked Coulson where Skye was and he replied that that information was confidential, but that she was safe. Deathlok suspected that the young man was protecting Skye and pointed Coulson in her direction. When Gonzales asked why he had surrendered, Coulson revealed the situation where he needed Gonzales' help to rescue Mike Peterson and the other enhanced individuals being held hostage by HYDRA.

They took him to a former World War II bunker called the Guest House. Coulson called a meeting of his senior agents to discuss with them his plans for Sunil Bakshi. SUV he was in was hit by a truck filled with mercenaries, Coulson and May were seemingly both fatally shot in the ensuing gunfight and one of the mercenaries escaped with Bakshi after a firefight. On the site of the battle, Sif still could not remember anything but Coulson deduced that she was working undercover because she was not wearing her Asgardian armor but clothes from Earth. Cardozo, they discovered the stranger took the helium from the balloons. Bet you know a guy who knows a guy.""You know, last time I suggested we work together, you called me a deluded son of a bitch.""Things change. Ward eventually accepted the deal and left to get his things with Agent 33 and Deathlok.


Days after his death Nick Fury ordered extreme measures be taken to save Coulson. Coulson told Skye, who blamed herself, that HYDRA was going to pay for his death. Back on the Bus, they discovered the stranger was wounded by Sif and that his "blood" was blue.

But now I'm choosing to stand up, to become a part of something bigger. When he asked him about his loyalty, Mack replied that he was only loyal to S. Coulson, Gonzales and the others watched the feed from Deathlok's eyepiece which showed the HYDRA scientists removing his eye.


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