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Post the V400,000 serial number range they are located on the underside of the barrel, back of the cylinder and left side plate.

Serial numbers are located on Inside right grip, frame butt, Cylinder, extractor star, and bottom of barrel.

You must also meet the mental, moral and physical standards for Navy service.

To be a commissioned Officer in the Navy Reserve, you must be a native or naturalized U.

D is found on the left top strap; The property mark was shortened to "U.

If the "S" in the serial number on the butt appears to be machine applied this would indicate it was produced with improved hammer block, and that it was not added later or it would have been hand stamped.


Navy orders you will find no acceptance marks on the original two contracts they placed.

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    All of them will perform their best and get it all going to your satisfaction.

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    Hardware: If you already have the XG1 Gateway, the new Bluesky box will look familiar. I would like to note, that if you currently have the CISCO modem instead of the Hitron, make sure the install tech CLEARLY notes that to the person doing the activation on the other end.

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    Sobrang sarap.feeling ko mauulit ulet to kapag ginabi nnmn ako.

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