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I sell a wide variety of chickens, ducks and peafowl. Seramas, Belguim d anvers, Gold dutch, japanese, Miniature white silkies. CALL DUCKS: White, Magpie, Blue bibbed, Black bibbed, Mallard) TURKEYS: Crollwitzer, Blue slate, Lavender, Bourbon red, Narrangasett, Bronze, Nebraskan.

there is a large variety of different breeds of chickens for sale. Bobwhite, Chinese painted, Japanese, Californian quail. PEAFOWL: Indian blue, Dark shouldered, White, Java green.

This year we are offering sex linked hatching eggs. This will allow you to sex the chckens at day old by simply looking at the colour of the chicks down.

Location: Kildare Website: all i am a hobbiest breeder of pure breed chickens such as gold partridge brahmas, Lf.

Hatching eggs and pullets available during the year subject to stock levels.

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Croad langshans, le bresse gauloise and andalusians. UKPhone: 01535654417Website: Specialising in LF Gold Laced Orpingtons.

standard gold laced, silver laced, blue laced in both large fowl and bantam sizes.

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