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One segment of the project was the purchase of 50 seats at 0 apiece. Those who bought a seat will have their name on an armrest plaque.Derewicki was astounded when some were buying two or three seats.“You talk about the support from the public, but we also had support from the local foundations,” he said.There’s always a good reason to visit the bustling streets of Fez, Morocco, but with the newly reopened library at al-Qarawiyyin University, there’s another great reason to make the trip.COSHOCTON – Ron Derewicki has been continuously amazed by the generosity and drive of the Coshocton community to reconstruct the Coshocton Planetarium for a new generation of youth.


They didn’t buy two programs they were looking at, but he hopes future fundraising will allow them to add those back in.When Central Elementary School was being readied for the wrecking ball in 2013, it appeared as if the educational aid for science and astronomy - dating back to 1962 - would also be going away.


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