Jewish man dating mormon woman

Skeptics of the idea of sexual harassment sometimes claim that feminists want to be the dating police.

Allred often seems like she’s out to prove them right.

The only daughter of a working-class Jewish family in Philadelphia, she married a blue-blood boy during college and was pregnant at 19.

Soon, she writes in her autobiography, her husband’s mental health deteriorated and he became emotionally abusive, forcing Allred to leave him.

It’s tempting to see the low esteem in which Allred is held as a product of sexism.

After all, she is a tremendously accomplished lawyer.


“She is a real lawyer, who generally does very good work for her clients.” But the fact that Allred isn’t taken seriously is partly her fault. Her hunger for media attention, even when it doesn’t seem to help her clients, appears almost pathological.(He later committed suicide.) As a single mother, Allred became a teacher, working in inner-city schools.


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