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is the change in global average temperature between two periods, is the change in forcing between the two periods, and is the top-of-atmosphere radiative imbalance, which is the rate of heat uptake of the climate system.The oceans account for over 90% of the climate system heat uptake.Ocean heat content is from Box 3.1, Figure 1 of AR5.The likely 83% upper bound of ECS was reported by the IPCC in AR5 at 4.5 °C, but this drops to 2.45 °C when calculated with the AR5 reported forcings, and drops to only 1.8 °C when substituting the Stevens estimate of aerosol forcing.The results indicate that governments should subside fossil fuels by about 18 US$/tonne of CO, rather than impose carbon taxes.



Energy balance estimates of ECS and TCR use these equations: , where F.The two periods used for the analysis were 1859-18-2011.


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