Pennsylvania grants for consolidating fire companies

The response was an example of the support provided by the area fire companies, enhanced by the merged Stockdale department.The deal was a year-and-a-half in the making, Stockdale Fire Chief Tom Wilkinson said.It’s a problem many small fire companies battle as much as fires.But the Stockdale Fire Department – which held an open house at its station Sunday to introduce neighbors to the newly expanded department – has prospered because of a youth movement.“We never got a call.” Furby said the reason is the way the Fire Department of North Versailles fills out paperwork it submits to county emergency dispatchers.Furby said he fills out emergency run cards so that FDNV is dispatched to every daytime fire in the township before outside companies are dispatched, but FDNV doesn’t do that for his company and West Wilmerding.Baldwin Borough officials long have discussed a merger between the municipality’s fire companies, they reiterated last week.Read more By Stephanie Hacke – South Hills Record Twelve members of Option Independent Fire Company stood firmly, in uniform, behind more than a dozen residents there to support them.

“I would like you to explain to me why you’re closing down my fire department,” Beryl Drive resident Darlene Masten asked council members at their meeting on Tuesday at Leland Center.Whether or not the borough will end up with just two fire companies (or just one for that matter) is yet to be determined, but the leaders of the Option Independent Fire Company in central Baldwin seem worried enough about that possibility to host an informational meeting about the topic this Wednesday night, June 26, at their station along Streets Run Road. Companies were in merger talks for at least the past two years.Read more By Michael Di Vittorio / photo by Cindy Shegan Keeley Munhall Volunteer Fire Co. Franklin president Bob Kalan said he has mixed emotions about the consolidation because of his many years of service to his company, but that the merger will provide long-term benefits. “It’s going to be fun starting a new company.” Kalan has been president of his company for the past five years, and served as a firefighter for 30 prior years.Stockdale owned three fire trucks and Allenport had two vehicles at the time of the merger.

Stockdale Fire Chief Tom Wilkinson said some of the two departments’ vehicles may be sold to raise money to purchase other vehicles to meet the needs of the newly-merged department.Kalan, 53, has lived next to or behind the fire hall along Charles Street for most of his life. Franklin sponsored two Girl Scout troops, a girls softball team and had movie nights outside the fire hall.


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