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I am writing to you today because I am quite concerned about your recent answer to the question signed "Insomnia Now Suspected Of Making Nights Incredibly Awkward." When I read your answer, I assumed that you were being sarcastic and personally did not find it funny.

My workmate, however, did not understand/read this as sarcasm and she became very concerned and I am as well, that the husband in question will use this answer as justification to pressure his wife to change her schedule to fuck him when he wants her to.

I think that this could enable a person who could already be being shitty to someone to be even shittier. I would hope that INSOMNIA could discuss this with his wife without resorting to shitty behavior, of course, or to pressuring her.

I would hope that all of my readers are capable of stating their limits and preferences and negotiating compromises, where possible, without resorting to shitty or coercive behaviors. And here's a thought experiment for you, Quite Concerned: What advice would give a woman whose husband was waking her up three times a week at 3 AM for sex?



As always, I gave my two cents, and so did many of you.

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