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After a short break to dedicate time to her young family, Lesley came back to FSAC in 2009 as a part-time counsellor in the Sexual Assault Counselling Program.

Lesley is dedicated to on-going learning in a feminist, trauma informed approach to working with and supporting women and their families in the aftermath of sexual violence. in Counselling Psychology and has since taken further training in Counselling Survivors in Sexual Violence, Trauma Therapy, Cognitive Process Therapy and is certified through the Canadian Counselling Psychotherapy Association.

A lot of these factors are just outside your control.

Examples would be which university accepts you into a given program and what kinds of relationships you form and how well you integrate with the people in your community.

Lesley began her journey with FSAC as a volunteer from 1992 to 2003.

During that time, she worked at FSAC on several short-term projects as a summer student, as acting Dating Violence Coordinator, as a researcher and as a support group facilitator.

For Office Locations Information CLICK HERE What is it?

The Counter Service allows clients to view land parcels and ownership information with the help of the SNB staff. The PLANET system defines the map and data requirements as results are displayed on a computer screen.


Fees will be assessed as per the information provided.

Maggie began work at FSAC in 2010 and became part of the FSAC collective in 2013.


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