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Throughout the strategy undertaken by the group is highly translational with iterative cycling between in vitro experiments, appropriate in vivo model systems and primary clinical material.


This fellowship involved a period of study in the world-class laboratory of Andreas Strasser at the Walter and Eliza Hall institute in Melbourne.About i Zettle i Zettle is on a mission to help small business succeed in a world of giants.Founded in Stockholm in 2010, the financial technology company revolutionized mobile payments with the world’s first mini chip card reader and software for mobile devices.“Our mission is to deliver high, long-term returns while maintaining a low level of risk to the benefit of current and future pensioners.

i Zettle’s rapid yet sustainable growth and what they are doing for small businesses around the globe supports the potential we see in the company,” says Olof Jonasson, Head of Equities at Första AP-fonden, AP1.

The news follows the announcement of i Zettle’s recent funding round of €40 million, led by venture capital firm Dawn and the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund, AP4.


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