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The following documentation for both the bride and groom is required to be presented when applying for a marriage licence in Cyprus.If you are planning a religious ceremony the above Cyprus legal requirements and procedure needs to be followed but you will also need to contact the Registered Minister of the Church where you plan to get married to make the extra arrangements required for a religious ceremony.Savvidou said the migration department could not justify claims of a marriage of convenience when a DNA test proved fatherhood and has sent yet another letter this week asking for the parents’ immediate release.The Child Commissioner’s office has also written again to authorities.Marriages performed in Cyprus are internationally recognised and legally binding.

I strongly advise you to consult the Embassy or High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus for first-hand information.

Just last year, her office received almost 300 complaints over the migration department alone.

One case involves a three-year-old girl who has been deprived of her Bulgarian mother and Pakistani father because the migration department claims the couple’s marriage is one of convenience.

Your marriage licence and all paperwork will be issued in English and will be valid in your home country.

Additional certified copies can be obtained on payment of the relevant fee.

According to Cypriot Law, the Marriage Officer will forward a certified copy of your Certificate of Marriage to the Embassy or the Consulate of your home country (if they are located in Cyprus).


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