Dating romance boston


But we think couples visiting the city are especially likely to enjoy these suggestions.There’s something about simply walking together that is super romantic.It’s a blend of food culture, wine, and history on these unique tours, and you’ll get a fresh perspective on this exciting city.Check out City Wine Tours for tours in areas like the Theater District and South End, or consider Boston Wine Tours for its intriguing Waterfront Wine Tour. On of the most exciting parts of New England is its coastline.Having just moved to New England, we felt there could be no better city in which to toast to our first year as newlyweds.Combing our own itinerary along with research (plus expert advice from some friends who are Boston residents) we compiled what we think is a solid guide for a romantic weekend in Boston.It may be because it’s such a laidback activity that gives you uninterrupted one-on-one time.And discovering a new city hand in hand is extra special.


If you’re exploring solo, you are likely to enjoy the vast majority of these sites.

Each year, millions of people travel to Boston, Massachusetts to experience its world class museums, amazing historical sites, and its thrilling sports scene.


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