Belkin 54g validating identity

If this were easy, my 2007 predictions would've held true. Wi-Fi wasn't easy in the early days, when I spent a couple hundred bucks for an access point and another hundred bucks for an 802.11b card, only to learn that 0 bought me a solution dramatically less reliable and much slower than the 100-foot Ethernet cable I'd kept coiled under the desk. Well, kind of, depending on what you want out of your Wi-Fi.If you want reasonably reliable data transmission at a bit-error rate which varies based on all kinds of external forces, and don't necessarily need to stream high bitrate, high quality, delay-sensitive traffic (and if you're a vendor who believes you can successfully perform that streaming, I'm happy to field test your gear in my home, where I can see as many as two dozen Wi-Fi access points at any given time), yeah, Wi-Fi is easy.


Case in point--I don't believe it would've been possible for laptops to outsell desktops last quarter without embedded Wi-Fi in pretty much every system sold. Yes, this is absolutely a great application of wireless high-def technology.3G radios are still too expensive compared to Wi-Fi, plus 3G requires a service provider.


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