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In more modern times a similar enlistment of women to serve the orphan has been observed all over Europe.

In England, Ireland, and Scotland fifty-one houses of Sisters of Charity had been established between 18; and in all, except in a few hospitals, the work of an orphanage is conducted to a greater or less extent.

No one figure stands out so prominently in the history of the care of orphans as that of St. To this work he attracted the gentlemen of the court, noble ladies, and simple peasants.

In his distracted country he found the orphan the most appealing victim, and he met the situation with the skill of a general.

No distinction was observed between foundlings and orphans in the beginning of his work with the Association of Charity; nor was there any distinction as to the condition of the children that were aided, other than that they were orphans, or abandoned, or the children of the poor.

Seventeen years or more after that he established amongst noble women then "Ladies of Charity".

Numerous private asylums were founded in the reign of Queen Victoria under royal patronage, and with considerable official oversight and solicitude.When the Revolution broke out in France there were 426 houses of benevolence conducted in that country by the Sisters of Charity, and of these a large majority cared for orphans.


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