Dating dirtbombs ko

The sultry bass and stiletto stamp of "Your Love Is Mine" destroys another lover like Nancy Sinatra would and, by the time the Dirtbombs' girl bassist Ko joins Golightly on stage, she is bellowing filthily, the inhibitions that are part of her quiet appeal hurled off.

Apart from "Good Life," which features some truly great vocals from Collins and bassist Ko Melina, and could be a breakout hit for the Dirtbombs, the album’s highlight is their take on A Number of Names' weirdo electro-pop song "Sharivari." The band dials the intensity way down and slinks through the groove like a well-tuned disco machine, Collins appropriating the cornball French accent of the original and the guitars laying back, only to leap out in brief bursts of fuzz.

But, since she nervously began to record solo in 1995, she has become more associated with the Stripes - one of several US underground collaborations which make her our unofficial garage-rock ambassador.

Her own songwriting style has developed over 10 quickly-recorded LPs into a sort of beat-blues chanteuse.

But it may be what she represents that accounts for the healthy crowd at this Christmas show - a stylish female role model à la her Breakfast at Tiffany's namesake, with the dress sense of Audrey Hepburn and the transgressive edge of Truman Capote's original, prostitute, Holly.

Tonight's venue - a red-lit Islington cellar (simulating early 1960s trad jazz and rock hang-outs) and audience (some even bearded and dressed like Beatniks) add to the appealing fantasy.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome America's newest protest singer -- Mick Collins!


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