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Well, not exactly, but people can use their computers to engage in a variety of online sexual activities, including hooking up with partners (both virtually and in the flesh) and finding fodder for kinky obsessions.

Online porn is accessible, affordable and often anonymous, and viewing it has become a popular pastime.

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Most of the studies merely show a statistical association between pornography use and such traits.

They do not reveal whether watching pornography begets them.


What is more, heavy consumption of porn, including the Internet variety, may contribute to relationship strains and sexually aggressive attitudes and behaviors toward women.In 1998 Alvin Cooper, then at the Marital and Sexuality Center in San Jose, Calif., and his associates conducted an online study of more than 9,000 people who used the Internet for sexual purposes.Slightly fewer than half the respondents—most of them men who were married or in a committed relationship—indulged for an hour or less a week.As a result, psychotherapists need to be alert to such behavior in their clients, especially when it impinges on their romantic relationships.

A better understanding of how watching Internet pornography affects the men and women drawn to it may ultimately lead to meaningful treatments for those with a pornography habit that has hurt them and their loved ones.

Such attitudes are clearly detrimental to relationships with women and could conceivably be linked to crimes against them.


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