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Reps for Brown and Sartorius didn’t immediately return Page Six’s requests for comment.Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg is dating again after her husband’s death.Page Six has learned she’s spending time with Activision video games multibillionaire Bobby Kotick.The couple appeared in public together at a few Oscar events in Los Angeles over the weekend — at a dinner thrown by CAA honcho Bryan Lourd at his home, and also at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.For one, have you seen the teddy bear he gave her?! In her Insta pic, she wrote "Thanks for the bear," and then he commented, "of course." Hah! ALSO, they went to Disney World for New Year's Eve, which is without a doubt the ultimate holiday for couples (other than Valentine's day). It’s a bold gesture, because Goldman has to have decided she wanted to let other widows know that it can be done—but not, of course, without ups and downs, highs and lows.When you think about it, Thornton Wilder probably didn’t quite have Bobby Goldman’s goal uppermost in his mind.


And for all the skeptics out there, we have tons of evidence. Oh, and let us know in the comments below if you've spotted any other clues to this budding relationship.

The Silicon Valley entrepreneur was found lying near a treadmill, and was at first believed to have suffered head trauma, but later was found to have passed away from heart-related causes.

Sandberg spoke movingly about losing her husband in Facebook posts and remembered him as “the love of my life” at his memorial.

After a few sensational lip-sync covers, Sartorius rose to fame, and has only seen his profile rise further in the days since. At 15, he has already charted on the Billboard Hot 100. Before the music, he began by speaking out on bullying.


Sartorius' first single, titled "Sweatshirt" and released in May of 2016, peaked at No. Sartorius originally began posting to short-form video service Vine to condemn bullying.Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius, social media has been asking a lot of questions about the latter young viral star.


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