Validating tam with odour interface in atm machines

Information security should provide the necessary identity management (IDM) process to mitigate that threat.


Cryptography: Symmetric Ciphering•AES Applications•Genetic Algorithms in Block Ciphering•Key Generation•Key Expansion4. E-Governmentreviewer : I am reviewer for international scholarly book, journals and conferences.

Despite the country's direction towards the health sector development and improvement, Yemen is still among the countries that suffer many problems and health diseases.

Yemen’s national dialogue conference (NDC) held in March 2013 confirmed the government's desire in improving healthcare services, especially utilizing the potential of ICT technology.

ABSTRACT In wireless era, digital users in electronic world (e-world) are represented by a set of data called Digital Identity (ID), which they use, among other functions, for authentication purposes.

Within the e-world it is risky to lose the identity and so security solutions are required to protect IDs.

According to different views in information systems and the socio-technical perspective, many organizations was led to redefine their business with a more focused IT solutions, this study suggested a number of confirmatory measurement models that establish the ground for the hypothesed research constructs, and utilized the structural equation modeling techniques to test and validate the research hypotheses.


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