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Over the weekend the German model played the doting mother as she spent time with her brood and boyfriend Martin.

The family were spotted out in Los Angeles where they hit up the beach in Santa Monica and enjoyed a bike ride along the boardwalk.

The various swimsuits vary from bandeau and high-waisted briefs, to halter-necks and side tie bottoms.

But no matter the shape or colour, all of the beach items look amazing on Jessica.

The wordplay and character-generated jokes are much more entertaining and fun, especially Thor’s Asgardian versions of modern language, the Silver Surfer’s alien view of Earth life, and anything involving the always-ridiculous floating head known as M. That way, there are no issues with continuity or previous incarnations, and the show can be enjoyed on its own merits (allowing them to do something like make Dr.

Strange a complete lunatic.) That’s a good thing, because the show is loaded to the gills with fan-service goodies, like the episode titles (which reference famous comic titles) and title cards which replicate memorable cover art.

Speaking to the Sydney Telegraph, the 27-year-old said: ‘There’s no such thing as those girls who don’t work out. ‘We have to look good and you never know in this industry when it all might just go away.’ Clearly the effort has paid off for the model who is obviously fronting this swimwear campaign, and getting dressed by top designers for events, including the Met Ball last week.

Heidi, 39, looked fantastic as she floated around a pool on a Li-Lo, glass of wine in hand, showing off her toned figure in an orange bikini.

Opposing him will be the titular Super Hero Squad, which is made up of goofball takes on Iron Man, Thor, Falcon, Wolverine, Hulk, Ms.

Marvel, original character Reptil, Scarlet Witch, and sometimes Captain America.

The beautiful Australian model – who is dating shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III – hasn’t kept her cover girl shape without effort.


Jessica is proud to share her fitness regime, and says that any model who says they don’t work out is telling a lie. I try and mix it up to keep it interesting but it’s just part of my job.’ She’s the willowy blonde who shot to fame on Made In Chelsea.


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