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-1 AUCTIONITEMSMAPO stores relationship of an item to its parent categories.

-1 AUCTIONITEMSOLD List if auction items -1 AUCTIONPAYMENT Payment Information -1 AUFLAY0 Entity Table: Order Layouts -1 AUFLAY1 Layouts for the Orders -1 AUFLAY2 Order Master Data Maintenance: Tab Names -1 AUFLAY3 Assignment Subscreens: Screens for Order Master Data Maint.


Object (Customer) 0 USOBX Check table for table USOBT 0 USOBXFLAGS Temporary table for storing USOBX/T* changes 0 USOBX_C Check Table for Table USOBT_C 0 USR01 User master record (runtime data) 0 USR02 Logon Data (Kernel-Side Use) 0 USR03 User address data 0 USR04 User master authorizations 0 USR05 User Master Parameter ID 0 USR10 User master authorization profiles 0 USR11 User Master Texts for Profiles (USR10) 0 USR12 User Master Authorization Values 0 USR13 Short Texts for Authorizations 0 USR40 Table for illegal passwords 0 UST04 User masters 0 UST10C User master: Composite profiles 0 V_USERNAME Generated Table for View V_USERNAME 0 /SAPDMC/LSGPRO Projects -1 /SAPDMC/LSGSUB Subprojects -1 /SAPDMC/LSRCOD Central rules: Coding -1 /SAPSLL/OBJIDX SLL: R/3 BS: Index of Documents Not Transferred -1 /SAPSLL/TLER3 SLL: R/3 Backend System: Control: Call Customs Server -1 /SAPSLL/TLER3B SLL: F-System R/3: Control: Call Legal Services: Doc.-1 GB92 Substitutions -1 GB921 Substitution Conditions -1 GB922 Substitution Constants -1 GB925 Usage of Substitutions -1 GB93 Validation -1 GB931 Validation Activities -1 GB935 Usage of Validations -1 GBC1 Configuration for the Boolean Rule Processor -1 GEOCD2CLS Mapping Table: Geo-Coder ID to ABAP OO Class -1 GEOCDRLFLD Address Fields Relevant for Geo-Coder -1 GEOCODERS Maintain Geo-Coder -1 GEOOBJ2CLS Mapping Table Object type (Obj R) - Class name and Contai. customer group – Description -1 J_1BVIEWMAP Assign Tax Rate Tables to Condition Tables -1 J_1B_ERROR Definition of error code per bank and return code -1 J_1B_ERTXT Defintion of error code per bank and return code -1 J_1HWTCTNCO4 Withholding tax certificate numbering concept 4 -1 J_8AM1SCPE IXOS-ARCHIVE/dc Groups -1 J_8AM2TYPE IXOS-ARCHIVE/dc Types -1 KCDBN Data transfer: package of sender structures -1 KCDBNS Data transfer: package – sender structures -1 KCDBNT Data transfer: sender structure package – texts -1 KCDEDATAR Flexible Excel Upload: Data Area -1 KCDEFILE Flexible Excel Upload: File Name – File_id -1 KCDEHEAD Flexible Excel Upload: Header -1 KCDEKEY Flexible Excel Upload: Keys -1 KCDER_H Flexible Excle Upload: Assignment Header - Data Area -1 KCDMSF Data transfer: rename sender fields for generated rule -1 KCDRA Data Transfer Rules: Attributes of Receiver Fields -1 KCDRF Data Transfer Rules: Formulas -1 KCDRM Data Transfer Rules: Offsets and Lengths of Sender Fields -1 KCDRS Data Transfer Rules: Selection Criteria of Sender Fields -1 KCDRUL Data Transfer: Texts for General Rules -1 KCDVAR Data transfer: variables -1 KCDVART Data Transfer: Texts for Variables -1 KCD_TYVPES External Data Transfer: Types, Template Programs, Sender Str. Data Transfer: Creation Date of Entries in KCD_TYVPES -1 KCSL SAP-EIS: Data slices -1 KCSLA SAP-EIS: assigning data slices to tables -1 KCSLT SAP-EIS: data slice meaning -1 KCSLU SAP-EIS: assigning data slices to users -1 KKBMM Characteristic Assignment for Selection Screens for Ord.



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