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In 1830, President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law, sending many eastern Native American nations to reservations in present-day Oklahoma, including all of Georgia's tribes. This forced relocation, known as the Trail of Tears, led to the death of over 4,000 Cherokees.In early 1861, Georgia joined the Confederacy and became a major theater of the Civil War.Georgia became a crown colony, with a governor appointed by the king.The Province of Georgia was one of the Thirteen Colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution by signing the 1776 Declaration of Independence.In 1802-1804, western Georgia was split to the Mississippi Territory, which later split to form Alabama with part of former West Florida in 1819.Georgia declared its secession from the Union on January 19, 1861, and was one of the original seven Confederate states.These bounds were decided in the 1797 Treaty of Beaufort, and tested in the U. The state's western border runs in a straight line south-southeastward from a point southwest of Chattanooga, to meet the Chattahoochee River near West Point.It continues downriver to the point where it joins the Flint River (the confluence of the two forming Florida's Apalachicola River); the southern border goes almost due east and very slightly south, in a straight line to the St.



Georgia was the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution, on January 2, 1788.The State of Georgia's first constitution was ratified in February 1777.


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