Mandating school uniforms is a economic burden to parents

Many different schools fall under the CPS umbrella: neighborhood schools, magnet schools, vocational schools, military schools, preschools, charter schools, and selective enrollment schools, amounting to 669 CPS schools in total.The district’s policy manual stipulates that uniforms can be adopted in any of them.Long Beach, he noted, had seen overall school crime decrease by 36 percent after the policy took effect.

“But there’s another broken system that he refuses to fix, and that he has made much worse: a separate and unequal system of funding education that treats CPS children, 90 percent [people] of color, as second-class citizens, relegated, in the elegant words of the lawsuit filed against him, to the back of the school-funding bus.” In Chicago, one in three children lives in poverty; 81 percent of public school students qualify for free or reduced lunch.But it wasn’t until California’s Long Beach Unified School District mandated a uniform policy in all of the district’s K-8 schools in 1994 — in a region where over half of students were Hispanic or black — that the country took note, largely because President Clinton made their site-specific policy a national, stump-worthy story.


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