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The other day I ran across a piece I'd written back in 2001.

In some ways it seems dated, as in capitalizing "web" words. Here it is: How the Web is Changing English by Crawford Kilian (2001) As a novelist, I know that you show the truth about your characters by putting them under stress that threatens their identity.

Americans make up 167 million (actually down a bit from 2000).

Britain has 22 million, Canada 11 million, Australia 9 million and New Zealand 1.5 million.

America and Britain, Oscar Wilde once observed, are two great nations divided by the same language.

Now the division affects the whole English world, and countless foreign countries as well.

Or do they feel that these words make them members of an important new community?



Distant cousins are taking a fancy to one another and slipping outside together for a breath of air. Some of the relatives at this reunion are in-laws, people from Scandinavia or India or Spain who’ve married into the language. (Who cares if “cute” to Chaucer was short for “acute,” meaning “as pointed as a needle”?

According to Global Reach, a Website that monitors Internet use around the world, some 391 million people are currently online.


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