Berry backdating


The judge noted Berry had been in a three-month relationship with Mr Riordan (39) and she had a tendency to enter abusive relationships.

He also noted Berry reported earlier that evening to gardaí that she had been assaulted the day of the incident.

Szymoniak, a plaintiff's lawyer in West Palm Beach, Fla.

"But they're making up new documents."The banks argue that creating such documents is a routine business practice that simply "memorializes" actions that should have occurred years before.

However, it appeared the deceased “posed no threat to the accused at the time of his death”.

The court heard throughout Berry’s dealings with gardai, she expressed genuine remorse that Mr Riordan had died.

Many banks are missing the original papers from when they securitized the mortgages, in some cases as long ago as 20, according to plaintiffs' lawyers.

They and some industry members say the related mortgage assignments, showing transfers from one lender to another, should have been completed and filed with document custodians at the time of transfer."It's one thing to not have the documents you're supposed to have even though you told investors and the SEC you had them," says Lynn E.

And banks have maintained that such legal errors are mere "technicalities." Bungled paperwork, they argue, does not change the main issue in foreclosures: that the borrower is in default.

State pathologist Dr Marie Cassidy found the cause of death was a stab wound to the abdomen, which went through the liver and also penetrated a number of other vital organs causing blood loss.


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